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About Me

Mercedes Ritchie

I decided to start blogging for a few reasons:  One, I really just wanted somewhere to show my daily adventures & passions.  To be able to come back and see all the memories down the road is a bonus! Two,  I am obsessed with fashion, everything about it fascinates me.  From the yearly New York Fashion Week to everyday outfits, I just can’t seem to get enough.  I wake up in the morning and turn my phone on just to see what my favourite bloggers have posted.  It’s such a supportive community once you start to make blogger friends!  I always look forward to seeing the outfit collaborations that people come up with and how they pair things together, it gives me inspiration for my own ideas!

Fashion isn’t everything, fitness is a huge part of me and how I live my day-to-day life. Also, not everyone is a size 2 [and if you are, you are perfect just the way you are!]  I come from a family that has always had healthy meals on the table and exercised daily, but also not making life revolve around this and how much you eat or don’t eat.  I have never been considered small or skinny. This is such a big issue in society today and most people don’t realize how much size or even just talk about size, can affect a person. Over the last few years I had gained over 50 pounds due to health reasons and not putting my body first. I can excitedly say that I have lost 35 of that so far and I have NEVER felt better. It isn’t the weight loss that makes me feel better, I just didn’t feel good in my skin because I wasn’t taking care of myself. Now, I am staying consistent with my workouts and eating to fuel my body and it has done wonders for my mental health among the other amazing benefits.


Over the past few years, I have learned how loving yourself is the biggest obstacle when it comes to your own confidence and self-worth. A huge part of my mindset change was because of daily exercise.  Can you imagine if Beyonce didn’t have the confidence she does?  Where would our world be without Queen Bey? Being fashionable is as much about confidence as it is about style. We all have things that make us special [whether you think they are good or not] so why not flaunt them? It’s all of these things put together that makes us unique and different and we have to stick together!

Now, on to my life. I have gone to school for what seems like FOREVER. Everything I’ve taken just hasn’t ‘wowed’ me. It sometimes feels like I have failed because I don’t have a degree after all these years of school, but I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and eventually I will find what I am truly passionate about. I think this is another reason I started House of Classy, to have something that’s mine and a creative outlet because this girl has never really dabbled in her creative side. Don’t get me wrong –I have a great job, I’m just not sure if it’s what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life. All I know is money makes life a little easier, but it definitely isn’t what makes you happy– that comes from within.  It takes consistent work and getting uncomfortable when you start to feel comfortable.

I have a 4 pound chihuahua named Fernando [Nando] and he is my everything! He is the cutest little thang, I bring him everywhere with me so I’m sure you will see photos with him on the regular.  I also have an amazing man in my life, Nick.  He is the sweetest person I have ever known, so thoughtful and romantic, he really just gets me. It’s nice to have someone like that next to you through everything.  We motivate each other and it just seems to work!  We are married as of September 27, 2019!  I can’t wait to spend life with him by my side. #inthenickoftime


These are just a few snippets into my life. If you have any questions about me or anything else you were wondering while reading this, feel free to email me or send me a DM on any of my social media. I am always happy to meet new people and am so grateful you are following along on HOC!